Placebo - 'Placebo', 1996

Suggested by George Huntington, August 2015.

GH: "Though I grew up in the 90's, I had a fairly sheltered childhood and early adolescence. It was only in the 00's that I really came into myself and developed taste and opinions, and I think I have Placebo to thank for that. When I did get into the typical 'misfit' crowd, I'd take part on the usual mix CD swap which is how we kept ourselves busy in Reading, UK. From this I got into Morrissey, Suede, Bowie and Placebo. There is a androgynous link here: I didn't really have a name for it and I hadn't told anyone about it, but at that age I was starting to think I might like men over women. This was quite a quiet unacceptable idea until I first heard 'Nancy Boy'. I felt like Molko and co were reaching through my CD player to tell me everything was okay and I shouldn't worry. From that, I went to HMV and bought the complete album and fell in love with it. 

The themes flew against the anti-intellectual, macho image which was rampant in the popular NME-indie scene, both at the time it was released and in the early 2000's. For me, it triggered a long-held adoration for a band which still lingers today with their latest release (Loud Like Love). Placebo have always been the band for me which tells us it's okay to be an outsider and perhaps a little bit strange, and I needed to hear that when I was 14."