ED001 / Andrew Kenny


Belle & Sebastian - 'Tigermilk', 1996.  Andrew Kenny, singer and multi-instrumentalist in American Analog Set and Wooden Birds, discusses Belle And Sebastian’s debut ‘Tigermilk’, from 1996. Initially pressed to just a thousand vinyl copies, this delightfully understated record became the blueprint for the band’s unique sound. Highly sought after and elusive at the time, the record was eventually given a full release by Jeepster in 1999. Kenny discusses how his very first tour became a quest to unearth this 'lost' record, and reflects on the routes of musical discovery to be found through sharing cassette tapes.

Music played: Belle & Sebastian - 'Expectations', 'You're Just A Baby', 'We Rule The School', 'A Century Of Fakers', 'Mary Jo'.  

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