ED003 / Chris Hrasky

Fugazi - 'In On The Killtaker', 1993. A fiercely independent and politicised band formed in late-80s Washington DC, Fugazi set a new benchmark for integrity in the punk tradition by establishing their own Dischord label and taking complete control of their own affairs. Chris Hrasky, who's been the drummer in the influential Austin band Explosions In The Sky for over fifteen years, has his own take on the majesty and power of Fugazi, typified by 1993's uncompromising but never-more-accessible 'In On The Killtaker'. It's a record which swings from fist-pumping righteousness to tender, dreamy guitar interplay via all points in-between, and demonstrates not only the searing intelligence and appeal of the band but also serves as a window on the long arc of inspiration and evolution that any band aspiring to the long-haul can relate to.

Music played: Fugazi - 'Returning The Screw', 'Great Cop', 'Cassavetes', 'Sweet And Low'.  

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