ED004 / Tim Dellow

Mansun - 'Six', 1998. A sprawling, twisting, conceptual - as opposed to 'concept' - record, Mansun's 1998 follow-up to their number one debut 'Attack Of The Grey Lantern' continues to puzzle and thrill in equal measures, over a decade and a half since its release. Tim Dellow, co-founder of Transgressive Records, was an impressionable adolescent when 'Six' fell to earth, finding himself drawn down its enveloping, cryptic corridors. The spills and dark corners of this record can be navigated as if travelling an allegory of the music industry itself, which in its grand folly 'Six' probably represented as much to its authors as it does to those who continue to find new sounds and ideas within it.

Music played: Mansun - 'Fall Out', 'Being A Girl (Part One)', 'Six'. 

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