ED005 / Jason Reece

Unwound - 'Fake Train' - 1993. Drawn to the artsy, do-it-yourself punk community growing in Olympia, Washington at the beginning of the 90s, Jason Reece would find himself sharing stages and values with many of the people that would go on to make the Pacific Northwest a cultural landmark in music. Out of this scene, one of the most distinctive bands to emerge was Unwound, whose 1993 'Fake Train' was the first album of music to appear on Kill Rock Stars, the label that would become archetypical of the creative, independent spirit of Olympia. Between swirling passages that roamed between discord and beauty, 'Fake Train' spoke of the boundaries that punk rock was ready to push at and then shatter: for Jason it sowed a seed that would later flower in Austin in the form of his band ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.

Music played: Unwound - 'Dragnalus', 'Kantina', 'Pure Pain Sugar'. 

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