ED006 / Alex Newport

Tricky - 'Pre-Millenium Tension', 1996. Used to the power of crunching guitars having played in the bands Fudge Tunnel and Nailbomb, by 1996 Alex Newport had left his native UK for the States and was starting to engineer, produce and mix records, increasingly inspired by music that spoke to him in a more considered, emotional way. One such inspiration was Tricky's 'Pre-Millenium Tension', a pivotal moment for the moody instrumental British hip-hop scene that also included Portishead and Massive Attack. The dark, discombobulated feel of Tricky's music was never more powerful than on this, his second album - its disconnected beats and murmured exhortations becoming to Alex a revelation, energising him to delve deeper into production, to look at music from a whole new perspective.

Music played: Tricky - 'Sex Drive', 'Vent', Disco Inferno - 'D.I. Goes Pop', Tricky - 'Makes Me Wanna Die'. 

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